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Catalogue number: PA D 43480
Chemical name:

CAS Number:


Category: aromatics,enzyme inhibitors,metabolites,impurities,pharmaceutical standards,intermediates,fine chemicals,stable isotopes
Synonyms: 2-Amino-2-(2-(4-octylphenyl)ethyl)propane-1,3-diol-d4 Hydrochloride; Fingolimod-d4 Hydrochloride;
Molecular form: C19H30D4ClNO2
Appearance: White Solid
Mol. Weight: 347.96
Storage: 0-5°C Refrigerator
Applications: A labelled derivative of ISP-1 (myriocin), a fungal metabolite of the Chinese herb Iscaria sinclarii as well as a structural analogue of Sphingosine. It is a novel immune modulator that prolongs allograft transplant survival in numberour models by inhibiting lymphocyte emigration from lymphoid organs. Reported to be phosphorylated by sphingosine kinase to FTY720-P, which has been shown to potently stimulate GTPgS binding activity in S1P-transfected CHO cells (EC50 = 210 pM, 4.9 nM, 4.3 nM, and 1 nM for S1P1, S1P3, S1P4 and S1P5, respectively).


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