Structure Elucidation


Structure Elucidation

Pharmaffiliates Analytics offers a broad spectrum of structural analytical methods, taking in everything from high-field NMR spectroscopy to single crystal X-ray diffractometry. In addition to structural elucidation for R&D issues, we also focus on the reliable identification of materials and end products and the elucidation of unknown secondary components. In the area of pharmaceutical analytics, we validate calibration substances under GMP conditions. We work through complex issues step-by-step and offer a number of fixed price packages for this purpose. For those looking to perform evaluations themselves, we provide spectra in the form of raw data (e.g. FID).

We employ chromatographic combination methods, particularly LC/MS and GC/MS, for the direct investigation of substance blends. In this case, high-resolution mass spectrometry enables unambiguous structural assignments. Our portfolio for structural analytics is rounded off by quantitative analysis, e.g. using NMR.

Pharmaaffiliates makes uses of state-of-the-art methods and technologies carrying specific advantages .

Most detailed structural information

Through our combined high-end analytical methods, we have access to the highest structural resolution power !

In consultation with our client, we establish the most efficient approach and define a detailed work-plan with clearly identified milestones.

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