New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS)


New Drug Delivery Systems (NDDS)

Our approach to NDDS centers around development of novel nanolipoidal carrier systems made up of unique biofriendly biomaterials like Phospholipids in conjunction with other promising excipients like hydrocolloids and polymers.It is expected that the resulting vehicle will improve delivery enabling the active ingredients more effective in lower doses while minimizing the chances for toxicity or side effects.

The patient compliance is the additional benefits. This strategy has a huge potential in giving a new life to old molecules. New product thus developed will find applications in dermatology cosmetics and nutraceuticals.

Our working approach is comprehensive in nature and aimed on the theme ‘Concept of Commercialization’. Henceforth , it covers all the directions and dimensions of scale up, technology development and commercialization, through collaborations with various academic, government and industry partnerships.

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