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Chemists – are not just Chemists

Published on Mar 29, 2019 by Pharmaffiliates
Chemists – are not just Chemists

Laboratory Chemists are more likely visualized as serious looking people always geared up with PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) like safety goggles, gloves, safety shoes and Lab coat of course.

But the life of a chemist is beyond the boundaries of their few inches rectangular shaped fume hoods. Let us go through the journey of a lab. Chemist when they stick their neck out of the fume hood every now and then.

  1. Laboratory Set up- Chemist start as builders, creating the laboratory from scratch. When setting up a new research laboratory or installation ofnew equipment, chemists are surrounded by wrenches and screwdrivers rather than flasks and beakers.

  2. Security and Safety first- A chemist is a firefighter, a first aid provider, a nurse. Working in an environment where every new chemical may show different hazardous effect a chemist need to fulfill the role of a safety and security agent for themselves and all the others in the lab.

  3. A guide, an instructor– An observation in a synthesis process, an experience with a chemical, expertise in a choosing TLC solvent are always being shared with the fellow colleagues. Although all this information are always documented but sharing a verbal talk is always good.

  4. Science Communicator-Presentations are always an inevitable part of the chemistry lab projects. All the synthesis routes which lead to the final desired product wanted and unwanted intermediates, impurities, data interpretation of the structures are compiled in the form of a presentation by the lab chemist which make them a great presenter and communicator of their work.

  5. Computer expert-Yet another string in their bow, chemist sometimes leaves the flasks and beakers behind and starts to see the molecular models break apart and form new bonds which gives them a new insight into their work, Using high-end software like Chem Draw, SciFinder etc. becomes a routine exercise in their work which makes them a perfect computer programmer.

Pharmaffiliates Analytics and Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. dedicate the article to all the dedicated Lab. Chemists of the organization who work diligently, enthusiastically and with great zeal to achieve the desired target product with maximum yield and minimum time period.

Our Chemists are those wonderful people in the organization who would silently work on countless column chromatography purifications, catch intermediates and impurities like unicorns and engulf them in liters of tea and several hours in front of a computer for their projects.

Pharmaffiliates salute the chemists of its organization for being a pillar of the company.

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