Contract Services-Pharmaffiliates


Basic research

As our name suggests, we are a smart affiliation for your organization. Pharmaffiliates partner its customers as an extra pair of hands in helping them in performing research works which require:

  • Laboratory work involving complicated procedures
  • Additional education on the usage of new technologies
  • A literature search using specific chemistry databases
  • Technical consulting

Please feel free to Contact us, if you need any of the above-mentioned services for your organization.

Basic Research

FTE based projects

Pharmaffiliates as a CRAMS provider in India and worldwide, provides FTE (Full-time equivalent) based projects.

This helps the outsourcing firm to estimate their cost-effectiveness for a particular project which is outsourced to us, in a better way. Steps involved are:
  • Project requirements are sent by the customer at [email protected]
  • Pharmaffiliates gathers a research team headed by Ph.D. scientists for the project
  • Time to time updates, meetings, reports and results are informed to the customer
  • The final report is delivered
  • Pharmaffiliates take all measures to safeguard and ensure the confidentiality of all projects
FTE Based Projects