About Us

Pharmaffiliates Analytics and Synthetics P. Ltd., a Research Based Organization is a gigantic name in the global market, which offers services to Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology industry, API manufacturers, Bulk drug suppliers, clinical CROs, Research institutes and other allied industries.

Started in the year 2001 as a research based organization, Pharmaffiliates is known in the industry for its state of the art research and development center, located in the North Indian state of Haryana and another RnD center at Hyderabad.

With a core team of our subject matter experts which is a blend of highly experienced chemists, biotechnology experts and learned scientists along with young and dynamic associates, Pharmaffiliates mainly focuses on synthetic research, analytical research, biotechnology research, NDDS (Novel Drug Discovery System), New Chemical Entities(NCE), New Biological Entities (NBE) and regulatory consulting.

Broadly, the areas in which Pharmaffiliates offers its expertise are:

  • Analysis of pharmaceutical drug substances, drug products, and API and impurities
  • Custom Synthesis
  • Impurity synthesis
  • Impurity profiling/ Identification of unknown impurities
  • Synthesis of Isotope-labeled Materials
  • Innovation driven Biotechnology research
  • Phytochemical standards synthesis
  • Polymorphism studies
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Method Validation & Transfer
  • Stability studies & Evaluation
  • Regulatory affairs
  • Quality Management
  • Dossier preparation
  • Submission and Approvals from the Regulatory Authorities worldwide
  • GMP Training
  • Auditing
  • Marketing Support to Small and Medium enterprises (SMEs)
  • Novel molecule development

Pharmaffiliates as a Research Based Organization provides a full range of these services by reducing the time and gaining cost reduction to market in order to achieve a competitive edge.

With over 10,000 impurity standards readily available in stock and a database of over 100,000 products, Pharmaffiliates leads the chart in the manufacturing of pharmaceutical impurity standards, Chemical Intermediates, Drug Metabolites, Drug analogs, Analytical Standards and reference standards in the country and across the globe.

Our effectiveness in successful service delivery had its origin in our endeavor to carry our projects effectively on time and in a cost effective manner. We are dedicated to cultivate and house the highest quality scientific base with which we strive to meet the needs of our clients. This made us the first Indian company to provide third party audits in India and neighboring countries on behalf of the European manufacturers in accordance with EMEA requirements.

Under the guidance of our founder director, Dr. A.K Sabharwal, with over 35 years of rich industrial experience in Pharmaceutical Research, Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs with various global pharmaceutical giants, Pharmaffiliates team has been able to achieve major milestones like ISO 9001:2005, ISO17025, ISO Guide 34 and it is audited and accepted by USFDA as well.

Dr. A.K Sabharwal has been instrumental in the approval of numerous APIs and Drug products from the Regulatory authorities.

With a vision to empower the global pharmaceutical industry and support the dependent business entities, at present, Pharmaffiliates has its presence in more than 75 countries.

why choose pharmaffiliates

Here are the top seven reasons to choose us as your strategic outsourcing partner:-

    1. Location advantage
    2. Global quality standards
  • US FDA Audited and Accepted
  • Certified with ISO 17034, ISO 9001, ISO 17025
    3. State of art Facility
  • Modernised labs with latest Equipment
  • Extensive Synthetic & Reaction Capabilities
    4. Proven Expertise
  • Pharmaffiliates Core Team consist of 4 -5 decades of experienced PhD. Scientists
  • 20+ years of experience in supplying standards
  • Network of satisfied clients across 75+ countries

Our Mission

To become a global leader by providing finest research services by delivering newer and better products in the healthcare sector to improve the quality of life of humanity at large.

Our Vission

To empower the global pharmaceutical industry and support the dependent business entities in leveraging their core strengths of drug discovery, development and commercialization through joint efforts with our expertise in research.

What else we offer

PHARMAFFILIATES as a research organization is dedicated in the custom synthesis of pharmacopeial & non-pharmacopeial standards, drug glucuronides, drug metabolites, Isotope labelled standards and focused on CRAMS and Analytical services to empower the Global Pharmaceutical industry at large

What we can offer

    1. Custom Synthesis
  • You give us a target molecule and we will synthesize the required quantity using our own expertise and skills.
    2. Contract research
  • You give us the target molecule and process outline; we will optimize the process and deliver the required quantity.
    3. Full time Equivalent
  • We will provide our manpower and infrastructure for your projects.
    4. Process Development and Optimization