Terms And Conditions

Pharmaffiliates products are intended primarily for laboratory research purposes and strictly not to be used for human and animal consumption.

Payment Terms

  • Pharmaffiliates offers multiple modes of payments which include all major credit/debit cards, Internet banking, TT/wire transfer.
  • Your online mode of payment has fully secure encryption technology to keep your transaction details confidential at all times.
  • We offer discounts and promotional schemes on online payments.
  • Payment terms are subjected to the agreed terms discussed at the time of placing the first order or discussed initially at the start of business.


  • All prices are in USD/Euro/Pound/CAD/INR which are subject to change.
  • Prices shown are excluding taxes, shipping charges, handling charges and insurance charges.
  • All the bank charges to be beared by the customer and not to be borne by Pharmaffiliates.
  • Feel free to ask for personal quotes before placing the order. Mention your quote reference number on the final order made.
  • All discounts or promotional schemes shall be automatically added in the final prices. All discounts and promotional schemes are subject to change.
  • Prices discounts and promotional schemes are customer specific. Please use your personal login details to know exact prices and discounts.
  • Pharmaffiliates provides prices of the products which are best in our knowledge. All prices our subjected to change without prior notice. Actual prices will be confirmed at the time when order placed.

Shipment Terms

  • Check the estimated delivery date of each product on the respective product page.
  • Shipping is done as per the shipping conditions specified for the particular product.
  • Shipment of hazardous material is regulated via standards mentioned in International Air Transport Association (IATA) which governs worldwide.
  • We arrange special packaging requirements for specified products, which may incur additional cost and will be beared by the customer.
  • Kindly update your current shipping address in your personal login details in case of any changes.
  • For more details on storage and shipping guidance of our products refer to Pharmaffiliates Impurity storage and transportation guidance
  • Additional freight charges depending upon the mode of shipment ( Sea, Air, CPT, FOB, C&F) shall be beared by the customer which will be in agreement with the managment.

Order Changes and cancellations

  • Do not cancel order or return material without prior contacting us. The information for cancellations or returns must be send via Email or any other electronic medium.
  • No returns shall be made due to any error made while placing order at the customer’s end. It is purely the responsibility of the customer.
  • If returns are made due to any error made while packing the order, Pharmaffiliates shall replace the material free of cost.
  • If the product does not comply or deviates from the Certificate of Analysis provided by Pharmaffiliates, and the same information is proved in our laboratory, the product will be replaced free of cost. The customer shall provide the complete information to Pharmaffiliates within three months from the time the material is received by the customer.
  • If the customer has provided advance payment for an order and Pharmaffiliates is unable to provide the product due to its complexity or unavailability, the payment will be refunded or adjusted in the next order.

Lost or damage policy

  • Pharmaffiliates would always help you in filing any claims with carriers for damaged and/or lost shipments.
  • Additional insurance charges to incur by the customer.


  • Pharmaffiliates offer warranty that each compound provided meets the specifications mentioned in the Certificate of Analysis with in the given time period.
  • We express no warranty to the competence of the product for a particular application.

Toxicity and Hazards of the products

  • All the products of Pharmaffiliates should be handled only by qualified personnel trained in laboratory procedure and familiar with the potential hazards.
  • Information may not be available on the possible hazards of many compounds. The absence of a warning must not be interpreted as indication or representation of safety.
  • A complete MSDS is available on Pharmaffiliates website upon request.
  • Pharmaffiliates bares no responsibility for the improper handling of any chemical. All goods sold by Pharmaffiliates carry the condition that liability for any injury, loss or damage whatsoever to persons or real property resulting from the purchase is at the sole responsibility of the buyer. Acceptance of our goods binds the Buyer to these terms.


  • The appearance of the product is general in nature and it is not intended to serve as a standard.

Patent Disclaimer

  • The responsibility of all patent considerations in the use of our chemicals rests solely with the Buyer. Suggestions and recommendations for the use are not to be taken as a license to operate under or to infringe any patent.