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Catalogue number: PA STI 019790
Chemical name: Chlorogenic Acid-13C6

CAS Number:


Category: aromatics,chiral standards,enzyme inhibitors,pharmaceutical standards,intermediates,fine chemicals,stable isotopes

(1S,3R,4R,5R)-3-[[3-[3,4-Dihydroxy(phenyl-13C6)]-1-oxo-2-propenyl]oxy]-1,4,5-trihydroxycyclohexanecarboxylic Acid; 3-(3,4-Dihydroxycinnamoyl)quinic Acid-13C6; 3-Caffeoylquinic Acid-13C6; 3-O-(3,4-Dihydroxycinnamoyl)-D-quinic Acid-13C6; 3-O-Caffeoylquinic Acid-13C6; Heriguard-13C6; NSC 407296-13C6; NSC 70861-13C6; [1S-(1α,3β,4α,5α)]-3-[[3-[3,4-Dihydroxy(phenyl-13C6)]--1-oxo-2-propenyl]oxy]-1,4,5-trihydroxycyclohexanecarboxylic Acid;

Molecular form: C1013C6H18O9
Appearance: NA
Mol. Weight: 360.26
Storage: 2-8°C Refrigerator
Shipping Conditions: Ambient
Applications: A labelled analog of an important intermediate in lignin biosynthesis. It is an antioxidant and an inhibitor of the tumor promoting activity of phorbol ester. It has protective effect against streptozotocin-nicotinamide generated oxidative stress induced diabetes and may also protect against cardiovascular disease.

Chlorogenic Acid-13C6

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