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Catalogue number: PA STI 010710
Chemical name: Benzoic Acid-18O2

CAS Number:


Category: aromatics,miscellaneous compounds,stable isotopes

Benzenecarboxylic Acid-18O2; Benzeneformic Acid-18O2; Benzenemethanoic Acid-18O2; Carboxybenzene-18O2; Dracylic Acid-18O2; E 210-18O2; HA 1-18O2; MENNO-Florades-18O2; NSC 149-18O2; Phenylcarboxylic Acid-18O2; Phenylformic Acid-18O2; Purox B-18O2; Retarder BA-18O2; Retardex-18O2; Salvo Liquid-18O2; Solvo Powder-18O2; Tenn-Plas-18O2; VevoVitall-18O2;

Molecular form: C7H618O2
Appearance: NA
Mol. Weight: 126.12
Storage: 2-8°C Refrigerator
Shipping Conditions: Ambient
Applications: Labeled Benzoic Acid, primarily used in the labeling of uracil nucleosides used for the study of ribonuclease reductases. As well, application in the preparation of labelled sialic acids in the study of cell signaling is a common use for this compound.

Benzoic Acid-18O2

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