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Catalogue number: PA D 71460
Chemical name:

CAS Number:


Category: agricultural products,aromatics,stable isotopes,sulphur and selenium compounds
Synonyms: Paratuf-d6; Penncap M-d6; Penncap MLS-d6; Probel MP 2-d6; Quinophos-d6; Sinafid M 48-d6; Thiophenit-d6; Vofatox-d6; Wofatox-d6; Yphos-d6; 8056HC-d6; Azofos-d6; Azophos-d6; Azophos (pesticide)-d6; BAY 11405-d6; Bravik-d6; Bravik 600CE-d6; Dalf-d6; Demethylfenitrothion-d6; Dimethyl 4-Nitrophenyl Phosphorothioate-d6; Dimethyl p-Nitrophenyl Phosphorothionate-d6; Dimethyl p-Nitrophenyl Thiophosphate-d6; Dimethyl Parathion-d6; Folidol 600-d6; Folidol M-d6; Folidol M 40-d6; Folidol M 50-d6; Folisuper 600BR-d6; M-Parathion-d6; ME 1605-d6; ME 605-d6; Me 605SP-d6; Mentox 600CE-d6; Meptox-d6; Metacid-d6; Metacid 50-d6; Metacide-d6; Metacide (insecticide)-d6; Metafos-d6; Metafos (pesticide)-d6; Metaphos-d6; Methion 48EC-d6;Methyl 1605-d6; Methyl 4E-d6; Methyl Bladan-d6; Methyl E 605-d6; Methyl Parathion-d6; Methylthiophos-d6; Metron-d6; Metron (pesticide)-d6; Morphos-d6; Nitrox-d6; Nitrox 80-d6; O,O-Dimethyl O-(4-Nitrophenyl) Phosphorothioate-d6; O,O-Dimethyl O-(4-Nitrophenyl) Thiophosphate-d6; O,O-Dimethyl O-(p-Nitrophenyl) Phosphorothioate-d6; O,O-Dimethyl O-(p-Nitrophenyl) Thiophosphate-d6; Oleovofotox-d6; Parataf-d6; Parathion M-d6; Parathion Methyl Homolog-d6;
Molecular form: C8H4D6NO5PS
Appearance: NA
Mol. Weight: 269.24
Storage: NA
Applications: Isotope labelled Parathion-methyl is an derivative of Parathion, an organophosphate insecticide used on cotton, rice and fruit trees.


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