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buclizine dihydrochloride and its Impurities

Buclizine Dihydrochloride was touted to be effective as an appetite stimulant in children when administered in the syrup form, however, this indication has not been validated. It is an antihistamine medication with both antiemetic and anticholinergic effects 5, belonging to the piperazine derivative family of drugs.. Reference standards of Buclizine Dihydrochloride API, and its pharmacopeial, non pharmacopeial impurities, and stable isotopes are listed below

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PA 02 99000

Buclizine Dihydrochloride - API

Buclizine Dihydrochloride

  • Catalogue No.:PA 02 99000

  • CAS :


  • Molecular Formula : C28H37Cl3N2

  • Molecular Weight : 505.95