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clodronic acid and its Impurities

Clodronic Acid is used to treat a high level of calcium in the blood caused by changes in the body that happen with cancer. Clodronic acid or clodronate disodium is a first generation bisphosphonate. Reference standards of Clodronic Acid API,and its pharmacopeial, non pharmacopeial impurities, and stable isotopes are listed below.

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PA EPY0000885

Clodronate impurity D (Y0000885)

Clodronate impurity D (Y0000885)

  • Catalogue No.:PA EPY0000885

  • CAS :


  • Molecular Formula : NA

  • Molecular Weight : NA

PA 03 3800000

Clodronic acid - API Standards

Clodronic acid

  • Catalogue No.:PA 03 3800000

  • CAS :


  • Molecular Formula : CH4Cl2O6P2

  • Molecular Weight : 244.88