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Dipipanone Hydrochloride and its Impurities

Dipipanone Hydrochloride is a strong opioid analgesic drug, used for very severe pain in cases where other analgesics are unsuitable, for instance where morphine is indicated but cannot be used due to the patient being allergic to morphine. Reference standards of Dipipanone Hydrochloride API, and its pharmacopeial, non pharmacopeial impurities, and stable isotopes are listed below.

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PA 04 2331000

1-(1-Methyl-3,3-diphenylpropyl)- piperidine Hydrochloride

1-(1-Methyl-3,3-diphenylpropyl)- piperidine Hydrochloride

  • Catalogue No.:PA 04 2331000

  • CAS :


  • Molecular Formula : C21H28ClN

  • Molecular Weight : 331.93