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Quinacrine Dihydrochloride

Mepacrine, also called Quinacrine Dihydrochloride or by the trade name Atabrine, is a medication with several uses. It is related to chloroquine and mefloquine.Quinacrine has been used as an antimalarial drug and as an antibiotic. It is used to treat giardiasis, a protozoal infection of the intestinal tract, and certain types of lupus erythematosus. Reference standards of Quinacrine Dihydrochloride API, and its pharmacopeial, non pharmacopeial impurities, and stable isotopes are listed below.

PA 17 0150000

Quinacrine Dihydrochloride - API

  • Catalogue No.:PA 17 0150000

  • CAS :


  • Molecular Formula : C23H32Cl3N3O

  • Molecular Weight : 472.88