Thiamine - An essential micronutrient

Thiamine - An essential micronutrient

Published Oct 30, 2019 by pharmaffiliates
Thiamine - An essential micronutrient

Thiamine, also known as thiamin or vitamin B1, is a vitamin found in food, and manufactured as a dietary supplement and medication. Thiamine is an essential micronutrient that plays a key role in energy metabolism. It is not endogenously synthesized in the body and the richest food sources of thiamine are whole grains, yeasts, meats, legumes, and nuts.

In developing countries, thiamine deficiency remains a widespread concern. Thiamine deficiency may develop by ingesting diets which areeither contaminated with thiamine-metabolizing enzymes (e.g., thiaminase) or that underwent thiamine inactivation by heat or sulfur dioxide. Heavy consumption of tannin-containing or food rich in caffeine, theobromine, and theophylline (such as those present in coffee, chocolate, and tea, respectively) can inactivate thiamine, thereby compromising the thiamine status.

Thiamine is present in the body as free thiamine, as well as in several phosphorylated forms: thiamine monophosphate (TMP), thiamine diphosphate (TDP), and thiamine triphosphate (TTP) .

Although thiamine deficiency is fairly uncommon in developed countries, various factors or conditions, such as alcoholism or advanced age, can increase the risk.

Thiamine deficiency can present itself in various ways, and symptoms are often nonspecific, which makes it difficult to identify.

Fortunately, a thiamine deficiency is usually easy to reverse with supplementation.

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Details of reference standards Thiamine Hydrochloride and its impurities are tabulated below:

Catalogue Code Product Name CAS No.
PA 20 28000 Thiamine Hydrochloride 67-03-8
PA 20 28010 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity A 2380-61-2
PA 20 28021 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity B 7770-93-6
PA 20 28030 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity C 7275-24-3
PA 20 28040 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity D 490-82-4
PA 20 28050 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity E 299-35-4
PA 20 28060 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity F 3505-34-8
PA 20 28070 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity G 1037-29-2
PA 20 28080 Thiamine Hydrochloride - Impurity H 89285-03-0

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