Cisplatin - 40 Years Of Platinum Based Cancer Drug

Cisplatin-40 years of Platinum based cancer drug

Published feb 18, 2019 by pharmaffiliates
Cisplatin-40 years of Platinum based cancer drug

Year 2018 marks 40 since U.S FDA approved the first platinum-based cancer drug, CISPLATIN.

Cisplatin is used as an anti-cancer ("antineoplastic" or "cytotoxic") chemotherapy drug. Cisplatin (Brand name – Platinol) is injected by the doctors in combination with other drugs to treat several types of cancers.

Mode of action

Platinum drugs works by binding primarily to guanine bases in DNA strands which results in forming a platinum bridge. This stops DNA strands from unzipping and replicating, stopping cancer growth and causing cell death.

Side Effects

Cancer cells become resistant towards platinum-based drugs, limiting the effectiveness of the drug. Other side-effects include kidney problems, vomiting and bone marrow toxicity.

Scientists and researchers have modified the drug in several versions in order to improve potency and to reduce side effects. Some of the modifications are shown below

Cisplatin – Approved in 1978 by U.S FDA


Carboplatin - Approved in 1989 by U.S FDA


Oxaliplatin - Approved in 2002 by U.S FDA


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