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Ambroxol impurity B- A featured product of Pharmaffiliates

Published on May 8, 2019 by Pharmaffiliates
Ambroxol impurity B- A featured product of Pharmaffiliates

Pharyngitis or sore throat is a highly prevalent condition which is mostly self-limiting condition and most people do not seek medical attention. A viral or bacterial infectionthat causes sore throat is responsible for generation of pain through inflammation of the pharynx and the surrounding lymphatic tissue.

Some of the common treatment includes gargling, drinking warm liquids and oral antipyretic or analgesic drugs.

Ambroxol, a sodium channel blocker acts as local anesthetic agent is marketed in many countries worldwide for pain relief for sore throat. Ambroxol is also frequently used as mucolytic agent in respiratory diseases associated with increased mucus production like acute or chronic bronchitis.

AtPharmaffiliates Analytics and Synthetics Pvt. Ltd. Reference Standards of Ambroxol and its impurities are available at very cost effective prices and are readily available in stock with us.

Ambroxol impurity B, also known as Ambroxol Cyclic Impurity (CAS No.- 15942-08-2) which is a metabolite of Ambroxol is one of the featured product of Pharmaffiliates.

Ambroxol impurity B

Reference standard of Ambroxol impurity B is provided in pack sizes of 25mg or 50mg vial. Since Pharmaffiliates is a customer friendly organization, we can customize the pack size as per you requirement.

Certificate of Analysis and MSDS are available at our website if you are a registered user or it can be provided on enquiry. Please feel free to ask for chromatograms and other details which are required to fulfill your regulatory requirements along with the COA.

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