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Chromatography-In our day to day lives

Published on Mar 11, 2019 by Pharmaffiliates
Chromatography-In our day to day lives

While we talk about Chromatography, most of us think about science and visualize the technique in terms of high-end instrumentations. But seldom had we known that we come across chromatography in our day to day life.

Chromatography is used to separate out a compound into its various components and plays a part in the realms of some areas of interest which effect are routine lives.

  1. Forensics - Chromatography is often used to investigate criminal cases like crime scene testing (the analysis of blood or cloth samples), arson verification (identifying the chemicals responsible for a fire to see whether there was foul play) or blood testing after death to determine levels of alcohol, drugs or poisonous substances in the body.

  2. Food regulation – When we talk about food contamination we think about illness, diseases and unsafe but scientists think in terms of purity through chromatography. Chemical contaminants, pesticides, and insecticides in foodstuffs can be easily identified through chromatographic techniques.

  3. Athlete testing (Performance Enhancing Drug Testing) - The precision and accuracy with which chromatography can identify substances in the bloodstream make it valuable in testing for doping or performance-enhancing drugs in athletes, too.

  4. Quality control in our favorite alcoholic drinks - Alcohol and beverage companies rigorously monitor the levels of sugar that go into the final product. With no margin for error, chromatography is once again called upon to ensure top quality in every bottle.

  5. Testing of adulteration in milk - Milk is one of the most commonly consumed drinks worldwide. The common adulterant that can be added in milk is pyruvic acid. Pyruvic acid is derived from lactic acid bacteria. Chromatography is employed with acid bacteria. Chromatography is employed to check the quality of milk.

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