Sumatriptan - A potent and selective agonist at the vascular 5HT1 receptor

Sumatriptan - A potent and selective agonist at the vascular 5HT1 receptor

Published on July 1, 2019 by Pharmaffiliates

Migraine – A most common brain disabling disorder is a condition characterized by the experience of migrainous headache on at least 15 days per month. Migraine has wide‐reaching implications for society, healthcare services, and the economy.

A triptan family drug - Sumatriptan is an abortive medication for migraine attacks, relieving pain, nausea, photophobia, phonophobia, and functional disability.

Sumatriptan is a 5‐HT1 agonist, selectively targeting the 5‐HT (serotonin) 1B and 1D receptors.

    It works by these mechanisms:

  • Vasoconstriction of dilated meningeal blood vessels;
  • Reduction of pain signal transmission in the trigeminal dorsal horn.
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Sumatriptan was introduced in 1991 and it is the oldest drug in the Triptan class. Another advantage with Sumatriptan is that it is the most flexible Triptan which is being available in subcutaneous injection, oral tablet, nasal spray, oral dispersible tablet and suppository forms.

The above discussion concludes that Sumatriptan is an indispensable drug for the society and mankind and is widely manufactured by big pharmaceutical manufacturing drugs.

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