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Women’s Health: Heart Disease Symptoms and Control

Published july 25, 2019 by pharmaffiliates
heart health for women

It is estimated by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention that one in four women in the world suffers from heart diseases. U.S. FDA helps women of all ages to learn how to use FDA-approved drugs and devices safely to prevent and treat heart disease.

High blood pressure, high cholesterol, diabetes, smoking, a family history of premature heart diseases, Obesity are several risk factors that lead to heart problems

But, it is said, "even a small step can bring big changes".

Let us read on for tips on how to reduce your risk and make informed decisions about your health.

Symptoms: Before we know about the precautions and medicines we must recognize the symptoms of heart failure in women

    Symptoms can include:

  • An ache or feeling of tightness in the chest, arm(s), neck, jaw, back, or abdomen
  • Shortness of breath
  • Nausea/Vomiting
  • Lightheadedness
  • extreme fatigue
  • breaking out in a cold sweat

    Ways to control:

  • Do regular physical activity and maintain a healthy weight.
  • Make heart-healthy food choices
  • Quit smoking and limit caffeine intake
  • Monitor estrogen levels after menopause
  • Talk to your health care provider frequently

U.S.FDA offers a helpline for women to monitor their heart-related problems. Follow the link below


This site helps the women to connect women to agency resources to support heart-healthy living.

Visit the website at www.fda.gov/womenshearthealth.

As already discussed, the U.S. FDA helps and urges women of all ages to learn how to use FDA-approved drugs and devices safely to prevent and treat heart disease.

The discussion reveals the need for more and more FDA approved drugs in the market to save more and more women from falling into the net of deadly heart diseases.

Since India is growing as a hub of medicine producers which produces an enormous amount of drugs like Statins, Beta-blockers, ACE inhibitors, Antiplatelet agents and other drugs required in the treatment of heart-related problems, there is a rising problem for compliance in local factories serving the American market. This has prompted the US drug regulator to consider starting surprise inspections in the country.

For this compliance to be met, FDA has opened its office in New Delhi, India to ensure that the food and medical products which are exported from India to the U.S are effective, safe and are of good quality.

With this requirement emerges the requirement of U.S.FDA approved Contract Research Organizations on which FDA authority and FDA approved Pharmaceutical industry can rely on the results which are according to the compliance norms of US Regulatory authorities.

Pharmaffiliates Analytics and Synthetics P. Ltd. is one such name which stands out as a leading Contract Research Organization in India which has been successfully audited and approved by U.S.FDA in 2015. All the laboratory analysis is done following 21 CFR part11 compliance on high-end analytical instruments. We offer full integrity of the results and meet the requirement of U.S.FDA, European and other regulatory authorities.

Major U.S.FDA approved Pharmaceutical giants are associated with Pharmaffilaites. Some of our major clients are Novartis, Teva Pharma, Glenmark, Fresenius Kabi, Cipla, Sandoz, Merck, Abbott, Sanofi, Pfizer, Sigma-Aldrich, and GSK.

According to the Code of Federal Regulations, the U.S. FDA regulations state that a Research Based Organization is "a person that assumes, as an independent contractor with the sponsor, one or more of the obligations of a sponsor”.

Pharmaffiliates Analytics and Synthetics P. Ltd serve as a perfect partner, which helps to combat every need in creating the perfect chemistry for its associates. Pharmaffiliates follow all the Indian and International guidelines, as well as it has its operating procedures. Pharmaffiliates has been extensively audited by major regulatory authorities including U.S.FDA. We are always ready for any comprehensive surprise audit by the U.S. FDA and our sponsoring companies as well.

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